Wednesday, 31 March 2010

We gotta Chignon Craze going on!

There seems to be a super craze going on for the classic chignon! Everybody has been seen with the hairstyle this spring!

First we seen it on the runways in Prada's 2010 Fall Collection to the red carpet event's of the Oscars, Golden Globes and other celebrity filled bashes! The chignon craze is being rocked to super heights of the hairstyle trend! 

The best thing about the chignon, is how easy it is to do. And even if you can't get it super perfectly smooth - that's even better, as the new craze for chignon's is "messed up".

The best thing about the chignon is how people are wearing it to the side with loads of volume, Cheryl Cole rocked this look at the launch of her first single as a solo artist, "Fight for This Love" in the October 2009 X Factor Live Results Show.

The Chignon is a super classy versatile hairstyle, that suits anyone regardless of face type or hair length. This season's chignon is worn messed up and mostly at a low point on the head or to the side of the head.

Check out my youtube channel on how to achieve a super sultry textured retro waved chignon like Amanda Seyfried has been sporting recently.

Miley Cyrus wore a really downplayed textured chignon at the 2010 Oscars and it was super sexy and made her look so much more grown up.
I loved it!

Friday, 26 March 2010

French Roll ponytail

I seem to be seeing this hairstyle more and more lately, especially on tv programs! So I thought I would try the style out on my little sister, and show people my way of how to do it.

It's a really quick and easy way to do your hair for any occasion!

Enjoy my tutorial!


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Chunky Braided Headband

I seen this chunky plaited headband on , it's an absolute bargain and a really quick, easy way to do your hair.

Another tip is, if you have a set of clip in hair extensions, why not braid them and pin each end securely into your hair? save you spending anything at all lol

Another Fabulous Becki Newton Hairstyle

I'm in love with Becki Newton's hair on Ugly Betty - whoever is styling it is a genius! I know I have said it before but wow, that is some designing of the braid around Becki's head, it's just fabulous!

I couldn't get a right hand side shot of the style, but it's pretty amazing! I had a go at recreating the style myself, check out the video down below!

Enjoy! xx

Monday, 22 March 2010

Becki Newton Hair Tutorial

I love watching Ugly Betty, even more - I'm obsessed with Amanda's (AKA Becki Newton's) hairstyles on the show! This season has seen Amanda's hair fantastically styled! I especially loved this braided hairstyle;

This hairstyle is so versatile, you could wear it on a night out, into work or just to lunch. It's something really simple with a beautiful twist. I have created a youtube video on how to achieve this hairstyle  here

I hope you enjoy! It's not exactly the same as Becki's Hair but it will show you how to achieve something similar to her hair style!

Side Swept Locks

If you are keeping your locks down this weekend, once you have styled your hair, try sweeping it to one side and draping it down the front of you shoulder – this style is quite popular at the moment.

Sandra Bullock donned a vintage inspired side swept look at the 2010 Oscars earlier this month. 
True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll also sported the side swept style with her beautiful red curls.  

Achieving the look is simple, it's not even a problem if you have layered hair, fix your hair into place at the back of your head with some Kirby grips, or give it an even more glamorous touch by using diamante encrusted slides.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spring 2010 Trends

What's on trend for Spring 2010?

Old Hollywood Glamour has made quite the comeback on the celeb circuit with Pixie Lott sporting a flawless golden vintage wave and reminiscent of the 1930's Marcel Wave.

Pixie's hair was beautiful, and really healthy and vibrant looking too!

I also loved Fearne Cottons messy fishtail plait, it was completely on trend and really easy to do on long hair!

I will be posting a youtube tutorial on how to do it later this week - so keep an eye out for the post!
Funky Braids are making a statement this Spring, the messier and chunkier - all the better! Try braiding the plait from round the back of your head and bring it round to the side to make the most of your hair being braided!

Loose, big, and teased chignons are evermore fashionable at the moment, elegant, contemporary and chic. This style is perfect for a night out, and for Spring 2010, the BIGGER - the BETTER! Cheryl Cole sported the look for her performance at the 2010 Brit Awards earlier this year in February.

The renewed passion for old hollywood styles at the moment, has me obsessed! I loved Kate Winslet's 1940's inspired updo at the 2009 Oscars, and her beautiful Veronica Lake inspired hairstyle at this years Oscars was effortlessly classic.

This trend is absolutely EVERYWHERE at the moment - True Blood's Queen Sophie Ann (Evan Rachel Wood) sported a 1940's do in last summers season. The hairdo is complimented by Evan Rachel Wood's fabulous hair colour, which is totally on trend for this Spring. Her earrings are absolutely fabulous too! You can get something similar on my favourite website listed in my links box opposite.

Introducing the Lush Tresses Blog


welcome to the Lush Tresses Blog and I hope you enjoy reading this blog, as much as I enjoy writing the blog.

The blog will mostly be written about hairstyles, hair tutorials, hair trends (past, current and future!), if you have any requests don't hesitate in contacting me via my email! 

I will also link up my youtube channel , to provide readers with videos on hair tutorials so you can also contact me on there too!

Hope you enjoy the blog!

Rach xxx